About Us


The Band’s Story

Dr. Goodhart’s Home Remedy was formed  back in 1982 as one of the regular “house bands” for the early Blissfest festivals.  The Remedy takes you on a musical journey through America’s musical heritage as well as other cultures to experience folk and roots music in its many forms. The group is well versed in many musical styles including: Jazz, Blues, Irish, Cajun, Appalachian, Gospel, Bluegrass, Country, Gypsy, Ethnic styles and original tunes.  The band’s leader and founder, Dr. Goodhart himself (AKA Jim Gillespie Mr. Blissfest) regularly inspires audiences with his special brand of humor as he embarks on a patter that is reminiscent of an old time medicine show. Dr. Goodhart entertains young and old audiences alike and will revive your senses as well as maybe even sell you a bottle of their famous, patent pending, all natural, Dr. Goodhart’s Home Remedy tonic. The Dr. plays mandolin and provides vocals. He is joined on stage by Bob Schneider- guitar, vocals; John Richey- fiddle,vocals and Keith Hammond, bass, vocals.

DrGHPic-with fiddle